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Exhibition2 画展2

      Organize an individual art exhibition "陈玉庭书画展".
1)  June  六月
      We organised a Lourve Museum Art Exhibition- Selected contemporary Chinese Paintings from
      China Plus Paintings from Life Art Society on  the 25- 27th of  June 2010. The opening   
      ceremony was held on 24th June, 6pm, there was live painting demonstration at Artrium@MICA
      Building , 140 Hill Street.
2)  Nov  十一月

    A  “World of Chinese ink Painting” exhibition jointly organized by Lam Ann Association

    and Life Art Society was held at Lam Ann Association, 30 Mohamed Sultan Rd, G/F.

    It was meant to show off the latest Chinese ink paintings and calligraphies

    of their art class students and members of Life Art Society. Subjects on display include

    flowers, landscapes, birds , fishes and still lives etc.

    与南安会馆联合举办 “水墨世界” 画展,地点便在南安会馆大堂。展出作品乃南安书画



                                                                for more foto, pease see" event foto"

1)   Dec 十二月
      President Tan Khim Ser‘s painting “Qinqing” was selected for exhibition at Louvre

Museum and was awarded Silver Medal.

   陈钦赐会长作品《亲情》获选展出巴黎罗浮宫 并荣获银盾奖



2)   Sep 九月
   In commemoration of the Confucius’s 2560th birthday, we organized jointly with

      Confucius Institute, Nanyang Technological University an art exhibition 

     一山一水一圣人” . Paintings from artists of our society as well as from Chinese

      painting art class students of Confucius Institute are exhibited. Following is a poster

      for this event. 


      举办一山一水一圣人书画展 展出多幅更生美术研究会画家和南大孔子学院中国彩墨






     Sep 九月
      We organised an "Art Exhibition 2008 " at The Plaza of National Library
      In conjunction with the commemoration of the 36th Anniversary of Life Art Society.
      As many as 800 paintings were displayed, participants ranged from 4 years to
      90 years' old.  Below is a poster of the exhibition.
      本会在国家图书馆广场举办了《翰墨春秋 2008年》书画展览。参展作品多达
      800余幅,参展书画家有从4岁小童 至90 岁老人。下面便是这画展的一张海报。