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Exhibition 1 画展1

Solo Art Exhibitions  陈钦赐会长个人画展
Group Exhibitions  (Highlights only)   团体画展(只录摘要)
2007 Oct         In conjunction with the commemoration of the 35th Anniversary of Life Art Society,
                         we organised an "Art Exhibition 2007 For Charity" in aid of the Public Free Clinic 
                         Charity Foundation.              
2006 Aug-9    Our Society organised joinly with Singapore Polytechnic a " National Day
                         Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" at the main hall of Singapore Polytechnic.
2005 Aug 15- To celebrate the 40th National Day of Singapore, our society organised
                         joinly with Singapore Polytechnic a " National Day Painting and Calligraphy
                         Exhibition" at the main hall of Singapore Polytechnic. A 40 ft long scroll of
                         40 lotus was created with accompaniment of the Chinese Orchestra. The
                         openning ceremony was attended by over 1600 guests, a record in the history
                         of Singapore's art events.
2004 Aug 9-   National Day Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition. At the opening ceremony,
                        our president Mr Tan Khim Ser wielded his brush while the dancers danced.
2002                Held Chinese Painting Road Exhibitions at Shangri-La Hotel, Radin Mas
                         Community Club and Macpherson Community Club in conjunction with
                         Life Art Society's 30th Anniversary.
                         配合更生美术研究会成立30 周年,本会分别在香格里拉大酒店,Radin Mas
2000                Tan Khim Ser and Students Art Exhibition held seperately at American Club 
                         and Tampines Regional Library.          
1996 Aug 16- Our society organised a National Day Charity Art Exhibition at the World
                         Trade Centre Expo Gateway. About 520 selected art pieces were on display.
                         In conjunction with this event is the combined effort of 450 children artists
                         who painted the longest painting in Singapore entitled " Underwater World".
1980-2000   Society of Chinese Artists Annual Art Exhibition, Singapore
1980-2000   Singapore Art society Annual Exhibition
1980-2000   Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association Annual Art Exhibiton, Singapore.
1972-2000   Life Art Society Annual Art Exhibition
1970-1985   National Day Art Exhibition
                      更生美术研究会 国庆书画展