Mr Tan, the founder of Life Art Society, is a renowned artist with more than 40 years of teaching experience. He is well versed in Chinese and western painting, a favorable subject of his painting is angel fish for which he has developed a new drawing technique. Another of his creation, the “crystal lotus”, is well received by the public.

Angel Fish Painting by Mr Tan Khim Ser

Crystal Lotus Painting by Mr Tan Khim Ser

Under his leadership, the youth group of Life Art Society was awarded the Singapore Youth Award in 1980, which was the highest youth accolade in Singapore. Thereafter, in 1981, Life Art Society was awarded the Commonwealth Community Service Award. In 2003, Life Art Society was awarded National Art Council Arts Supporter Award. In 2009, Mr. Tan’s Chinese painting “Family” was selected by French National Art Association for exhibition in Louvre Museum.

The Family Painting selected for exhibition in the Louvre Museum

All these years he has held 25 individual art exhibitions. His paintings are eagerly sought by art collectors.

He is a member of Singapore Youth Award Advisory Committee (Arts and Culture), the highest youth accolade in Singapore.

His other achievement includes:
  • In 1976, he was invited by Sin Chew Jit Poh to write more than 100 pieces of articles on art in general and Chinese painting in particular.
  • In 1994, he was invited to be a member of the editing panel of “Modern History of Chinese Painting”
  • In 1998, he was invited by Media Corp of Singapore to deliver a lecture on “Introduction to Chinese painting” for one year at channel 8.
  • In 1995, he was awarded “Service Award for Volunteers” by People’s Association.
  • He was invited to contribute his paintings to Community Chest to be printed as “Charity Lottery” tickets for fundraising; a total 3 million pieces of tickets were printed.
  • In 2002, his painting was selected for “Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting from Chinese Worldwide”
  • He and his work was selected into “Dictionary of Well-known Chinese” and “Modern Chinese Painters Dictionary” respectively.
  • His painting was awarded “Honorary Award” from “Oversea Chinese Association”, and awarded “Special Honorary Award” from “Taiwan Chinese Art Academy”.
  • His painting was selected into “Modern Artists of the World Dictionary”.
  • Awarded Certificate of “Well known Artists of the World” from CCTV of China.
  • He was invited as judge to numerous nation-wide art competitions.
  • In recent years, he was the chief planner of nationwide “HuiChun writing” events organized jointly by Life Art Society and SMRT during Chinese New Year.
  • He was invited to give lecture and demonstration on Chinese painting at various government departments and Community Clubs.
  • His paintings are eagerly collected by many local and oversea art lovers as well as by various establishments, such as Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, National Art Museum, Singapore Istana and Ministry of Information, Communication And the Arts.
  • 2011, his painting was selected to take part in a multi-countrie ( Singapore, Canada, China/HongKong ) exchange exhibition organised in Beijing, China.
  • 2012, his calligraphy work "HuiChun receiving the auspicious dragon" was invited by SMRT to be printed on the envelope of its Easy-Link cards.
Presently, he is President of Life Art Society, Honorary President and Visiting Professor of Teng Wang Ge Calligraphy & Painting Institute Center (China), Permanent Honorary President of Public Free Clinic Society, Art Advisor of Shan Wu Shaolin Culture and Martial Art Society, Honorary President of Lam Ann Association, Advisor of the Youth Group and Kangyi Art Club of Life Art Society, Honorary Advisor of Care and Support Association.

会长 陈钦赐先生 简介


他领导的更生美术研究会青年团在1980年荣获新加坡政府颁发的 “全国青年杰出奬”,这是国家青年最高荣誉奬, 1981 年荣获共和联邦颁赐“褒扬奬”,该会在2003年获国家艺术理事会颁发“艺术支持者奬”。2009年创作《亲情》 受法国国家美术协会选入罗浮宫展出,曾在国内外举办25次个人书画展,作品广受国内人士珍藏,任新加坡全国青年杰出奬、新加坡最高青年荣誉奬(文化与艺术)之评审。受邀到各民众俱乐部及政府机关主持书画讲座及示范。


1998年受新传媒之邀于第八播道 电视节目 “丹青园地” 指导如何创作彩墨画,为期一年。1976年受邀在《星洲日报》選写美术论文约百余篇。画作受“公益金”之邀,刊印成“慈善彩票” 300 万张筹款。曾担任新加坡多项全国性美术比赛评审,是更生美术研究会与地铁公司联办全国大型挥春活动策划人。

作品获选《中国当代书画家名人大辞典》、业绩编入《中华人物辞海》,作品获“中国侨联会” 颁发“荣誉证书” , 获“台湾中华艺术学会” 颁发 “特别荣誉奬”, 入选《世界现代美术家大辞典》,获中国中央电视台颁发 “世界艺术名人” 证书。

1994 年获受聘为 “现代中国画史编委” 。1995年获人民协会颁发 《志愿服务奖》。2002 年作品入选《世界华人书画大展》。


2011 年作品入选在北京举办的新中、加拿大与香港书画交流展。2012年书法作品《挥春迎祥龙》受地铁企业公司邀请刊登于车资卡封套。