History 会史

Founded in 1972 by Mr Tan Khim Ser, the Singapore Life Art Society, a non-profit organization, aims to create greater awareness in local art and developing art talent. All these are made possible by activities such as conducting art courses, exhibitions, forums and publication of art magazines. either solely organized by the Singapore Life Art Society or through the collaboration with other associations like the NationalArt Council, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore Art Museum, People's Association, National Library, Community Clubs, Resident Committees and the Singapore Polytechnic. All the above events received overwhelming responses from the masses and have achieved great results in the promotion of art in Singapore.
In 1980, the National Youth Service Award, the highest order ever given to any organization, was presented to the Youth Group of the Life Art Society. Subsequently in 1981, the Youth Group was awarded the Commonwealth Youth Service Awards, in 2003,the Singapore Life Art Society was presented the Art Supporter Award by the National Art Council due to its contribution and services rendered in promoting a greater appreciation of art in the local art scene.
Other than promoting local arts, the Singapore Life Art Society also organised numerous charity art exhibitions over the years to raise funds for organisations such as National Kidney Foundation, Children's Cancer Foundation, just to name a few. 
The current membership strength of the Life Art Society stands at  650. Members come from all walks of life, consisting of professional artists as well as university professors, doctors, lawyers,engineers and accountants. Besides traditional Chinese members, we have others comprising of  Malay, Indian and European origins. Our Society is a representation and reflection of the  multi-racial and multi-culture flavours of the Singapore cosmopolitan society.
The members of Life Art Society come from all parts of the world, apart from Singapore, they include countries like China, America, Britain, Russia, Holland, Australia, India, Germany, France ,Korea, Japan etc.






Following is a commendation of our society by HuaSheng Magazine of China: